RO Manufactured Sports Jerseys

Change is the law of nature. And so does the evolution. Decade after decade, development has been made in almost every sector of society. The food we eat, the houses we live in, and the clothes we wear. Have you noticed the variety of fabrics and designs available in the clothing? We have formal workplaces, for a party, we have party wear and in sports, we have ‘jerseys'.

Jerseys refer to the t-shirt clothing that a sports person wears. They are a form of t-shirts with printed team preferred logos, colors, names, and numbers. In Ro-International, Jerseys are designed and manufactured according to the players’ convenience. So, that they experience no problem but it’s also to it during their games.

How Normal Jerseys Are Made?

Along with the graphic and design logo according to the team’s consent, it should be comfortable enough to wear for a player. Not only that but also the material is desired to be affluent enough and easy to carry.

Earlier, jerseys used to be manufactured according to the traditional methods, where the cut and sew system was popular. The team’s logo and the color were inserted into the fabric through dying. Later on, cloth pieces were cut and stitched together to create the jersey. It used to be tiring and laborious as so many considerations needed to be taken during preparing the team’s uniform. Also, the process was time-consuming because so many jerseys were to be made during the given time period.

Later on, after technology started to develop, it shifted to printing and sewing methods where different logo designs were printed on the cloth with the help of machines and later sewed together. Moreover, this process was time-saving but a little costly as specifications were involved in the jersey, that charged extra. On-screen printed or embroidered always adds up an extra cost for every supplementary print over the fabric.

Now, wrapping up on the new modifications and past problems, a new technique that is, the Sublimation technique or Digitally printing technique has been introduced in the field of the garment industry.

Sublimation Process Of Jersey Making

It is easy and comforting material produced when jerseys are made through sublimation. Moreover, the fabric is soothing and nice because the printing is within the fabric. You will not even feel that fabric print at all. Also, it feels lighter than those traditional jerseys. Sublimation jerseys are digitally printed and customized jerseys.

How Sublimation Or Digital Printing Jerseys Are Made?

Sublimation is simply the work of digital printing. These jerseys attribute to a lot more designs than any other conventional jerseys. They can have several patterns including pin strips, color blend, gradient, texture, camouflage, etc. Color blends like fuchsia, Lime Green, Sunset yellow are more common in sublimation jerseys than traditional ones. And Ro International manufactures these sublimation jerseys.

They are prepared in the following steps:

  • Firstly, a graphic designer will design the logos and print that are opted for the jerseys. The design will also include color themes.
  • These designs are later printed on a sublimation paper with the help of a wide-format printing machine. Moreover, the ink used herein printing is a special high-quality sublimation ink. Later, printed papers are cut accordingly.
  • On the other hand, clothes are cut according to the structure and sizes separately and the same pieces are mounted one over the other. (Front, back, sleeves, all separate). Sublimation is done on white clothes.
  • Now the time is for sublimation transfer. The cloth is placed on a heating machine and printed sublimation is placed at its top, facing the artwork area to the cloth. Now heat!
  • The artwork is then beautifully transferred to the cloth.
  • Printed cloth pieces are then stitched together to create a beautiful jersey.
  • Ultimately, the jerseys are ready.

We have the latest techniques and types of machinery. So, we can manufacture these digital jerseys within a very short time. We require a minimum order placed to supply. The whole process is done in the pieces of machinery. Therefore, we provide a quality product on time or before time.

Advantages Of Sublimation Jerseys Over Conventional Ones

  • When the cloth is subjected to sublimation, the ink evaporates through the fabrics in a permeated manner. Hence, the resulting color over the fabric is vibrant and long-lasting. A plus point against those printed t-shirts where color scratches and fades away over time. We use the best and high-quality ink.
  • In the normal jersey, there is a decided price for each extra addition you make in your jerseys. Whereas, you don’t have to pay any extra or additional charges if you are placing the order for sublimation jerseys. It is a great advantage.
  • Moreover, since the design is permeated into the fabric, as a result, it feels comfortable and soothing while wearing it. You don’t feel any extra burden over your tee and you are able to feel the fabric.