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Kabbadi SportsWear

The Indian sport Kabaddi is a contact sport played between two teams of seven players each. The game is similar to the capture-the-flag format and played inside a walled four-sided field. The raider scores points for every player touched, and the opponents try to defend their players or attack the raider. The court’s length is 91m 7m (100 yards, 109 yards) long and 2.1m wide. Kabbadi first originated in Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Kabaddi in India was being played as a recreational game, and the heritage of Kabaddi was slowly fading away. Today premier leagues are being organized to support the sport. The most famous league being the Pro Kabaddi. 

There are five variations of Kabaddi that’s been played in India today.

  1. Standard style

In this style of Kabaddi, two teams of seven players occupy the opposite halves of the court. Each team has five substitutional players. The total game time is 40 minutes with a 5 minutes break in the half time where the teams exchange the courts. The raider from one team attacks the opposite team and tries to tag as many players as possible. The opponent’s teams try to defend themselves and tackle the raider before he passes the balkline. 

  1. Gaminee style

In Gaminee style, the player who out needs to stay out until all his team players are out. The game continues without a time limit until all the five or seven players are out of a team. 

  1. Sanjeevani Kabaddi

There will be two teams with seven players. When a player from the opponent team is out, one tackled or tagged player from this team can come back inside the court to continue the game. The game time is 40 minutes with a 5 minutes break in between. 

  1. Amar style

This style is similar to the sanjeevani style with a small twist. Here when a player gets out, they stay inside the court while the game continues. 

  1. Punjabi Kabaddi

Punjabi Kabaddi is played in a circle diameter of 22 meters. Two teams with eight players each participate in this game. When a player is out, they won’t be asked to leave the field. The raider is not obliged to repeat Kabaddi, Kabaddi throughout the raid. 

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