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Pairs-Set SportsWear

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to sportswear. When fashion, innovation, and sustainability met, they created sportswear. The times are gone when sportswear was limited to one or two types of fabrics and even fewer designs. Sportswear has evolved from being worn by the sportsmen and sportswomen to being worn by the fans and people in general. Sportswear is no longer restricted to casuals; people in offices wear drawstrings trousers or track jackets models have walked the runway with track jackets over their dress. The good thing about the ever so evolving fashion industry has led to a time when it is customary to look cool in clothes designed to sweat in. Jersey shorts are worn by both men and women for either day to day activities or popularly as gym wear. Men are seen sporting plain jerseys for casual settings of college or offices.  

Sportswear should always be focused on providing comfort and performance, which is precisely what  RO International aims for! A Karnataka-based company, RO International, offers a wide range of products ranging from masks, jerseys, etc., to track pants to roce/Mehendi t-shirts. Our prime focus is on-time delivery and to have clear and effective communication with our clients for your exceptional satisfaction. 

RO International strives to reach global market trends, so the customers are content with the experience. Handling bulk consignments is never a hassle for Ro International, the delivery takes hardly 2-5 days, and they keep all communications with the customers clear throughout the purchasing process. 

A jersey is a player’s most immense pride, but it will lose it’s meaning and use if matching pants do not accompany it. RO International has their  Pairs(set)  category that offers a range of high-quality jerseys with matching shorts. Whether you are a player or a fan, whether you want to wear it to watch the match or just sport it as casual wear, the variety of the designs and color this category holds is genuinely immaculate. 

RO cycling wear Pink and Black: Thank god we live in an age where men can wear pink and not taboo. This set of cycling shorts and jerseys is perfect for any activities you want to use it for. The bright color and eye-catching design make this the most appealing jersey you can wear.

RO football wear Red and White: Nothing would ever be as comfortable as a pair of drawstrings shorts. This pair of jerseys and shorts brings about comfort, style, and the sporty feel all in one. It has yellow, white, red, and black, all in a very stylish design that does not look messy or overboard.

Fashion only feels good if it’s feasible. All the benefits, the trends, the specifications of a clothing item will feel useless if it does not fit your budget. However, these problems do not arise while buying from RO International. Select any set of sportswear from our Pairs-set section and get it for only Rs. 999/- Could you get a deal better than this?! Hurry up and buy the comfort drawstrings shorts set or bicycle shorts to pair with your favorite hoodie this winter.