Ro International, Face Masks

Face masks are a type of personal protective gear used for prevention against the spread of respiratory infections. The RO International face mask is big enough to cover the mouth and nose of the user, and it’s very effective for protecting the individual for preventing transmission of respiratory virus and bacteria. Also, many people use it for protecting against the dust and dirt in the air in the metro cities.

During these ongoing pandemic situations, wearing a mask has become a necessity. Wearing a mask helps in a way to prevent respiratory tract infections. Face masks generally reduce the probability of coming in direct contact with the virus and lessen the chances of getting COVID-19. However, it doesn’t really stop the infection but it can decrease the chances to some extent. There are sublimation face masks and normal polyester cloth face masks available.

Another type of mask is N95 which blocks 95% of air bourn droplets. They fight very tightly to the nose and mouth region preventing against the smaller infectious particles that can spread by a person who coughs or sneeze from a far distance also. It is generally not required and is difficult to be fitted against children or people with hair on their face.

During this pandemic situation, face-masks helps in reducing community spreading of the COVID-19. The most important thing is the person should do is to observe good personal hygiene practices, a healthy lifestyle and regularly touching the face.

Face Mask for Adults and Beloved Kids

Having the right mask for your kids and for yourself can help in saving lives and in getting a better living. According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is necessary to cover your face with the mask to avoid intake of airborne viruses.

A face mask is mandatory for

  • Individuals who are stepping out from their house for work or any other purpose
  • People who are suffering from symptoms of respiratory infection like coughing, sneezing, and fever must wear facial gear
  • The health care workers, cleaners, doctors, nurses who are in close contact with the people who are suffering from this disease and remain near them long hours to take care of them

We have manufactured face masks fabricated with a good quality fiber to ensure that you and your kids would not face skin-related issues after wearing them. RO International has brought quality face masks made of high-quality ink which is totally different from local market ink for digital print which are non-harmful to the body and eco-friendly. We can customize any face mask for the Kids and adults too. The customized digital face mask is suitable for above 7 years old kids to 15 years old.

How Mask Can Help?

  1. Stay Away: Wearing a mask is the sign of a reminder to the surrounding person to maintain at least six-feet distance to keep yourself uninfected.
  2. Protects you: Sneezing and coughing are natural. But, what if someone sneezes or coughs in your vicinity? It is terrifying. The person who coughed or sneezed may have asymptomatic COVID-19. A mask can help you play safe.
  3. Protects Other: This is the time when asymptomatic cases are rising daily. During this condition, it is necessary to keep your kids and you safe. And wearing a mask is the ideal solution we have in hand.
  4. Do not Touch your Face: Regular touching of the face can spread disease easily. The mask is again a reminder that touching your face often can infect your others and you easily.

In conclusion, it is important before wearing masks to clean your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before touching the mask. And alcohol-based sanitizer can be used if you have found a shortage of water in that area. Cost of a mask is one of the problems which all the people are facing as the mask needs to be changed frequently, as it has a life span, and then should be changed for effective protection. So this is costing people a considerable amount of money from their pocket. At RO International these masks are not very costly and are available at quite an affordable rate.